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:bulletgreen:While Dodongos and Baby Dodongos explode when killed, King Dodongo doesn't.
:bulletblue:Along with Volvagia (with whom King Dodongo shares his battle music), King Dodongo is one of the two regular bosses in Ocarina of Time to not have the same battle theme as the other bosses.
:bulletblack:While in Ocarina of Time a Dodongo has only two legs, King Dodongo has four.



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((Yeah, I made this a King Dodongo RP account, cause why not :U))


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King Dodongo
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King Dodongo (known as the Infernal Dinosaur) appears as a boss in Ocarina of Time. He is the second boss Link must face and defeat in order to obtain the Spiritual Stone, Goron's Ruby, from the Goron leader known as Darunia.

In Ocarina of Time, Link must fight King Dodongo in a room with a lava pit in the middle. King Dodongo will attack in one of two ways. He either sucks in a massive amount of air to blow out fire, or rolls into a ball and attempt to run Link over.

While he is sucking in air, Link can take out one of his own bombs, or one from a bomb flower nearby, and throw it into the king's mouth. It then explodes inside him, causing him to momentarily faint. During this moment, King Dodongo is vulnerable to a sword attack, particularly a Jump Attack, as he can only be hit once before he gets up. He then rears up, rolls into a ball, and tries to run over Link. In order to avoid this, Link can either stand on the small slope between the lava and the arena, stand in one of the corners (preferably behind the Bomb Flower), or simply hide beneath the Hylian Shield, regardless of location. When King Dodongo hits the wall at the other end of the arena, he unfolds and repeats the process three more times. When defeated, King Dodongo curls into a ball for the last time and rolls into the lava pit, frying himself to a crisp. Link is rewarded with a Heart Container and the Spiritual Stone from a very pleased Darunia.


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Thanks for the watch.
Animedalek1 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the faves.
Sabrina-the-Morpher 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sabrina and her fairies where wandering around in Dodongo's Cavern. "Great, we got ourselves lost again!"
Lighting-the-Hunter 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
King Dodongo was roaming around, smirking at the voice of the child.
Sabrina-the-Morpher 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Chhaya swirls around Sabrina's head. "Sabrina!" Sabrina looked up to face Chhaya. "Yes Chhaya?"
Lighting-the-Hunter 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
He smirks, soon approaching the child.
[ hello! want to role play? ]
Lighting-the-Hunter Apr 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
She sat on the curb making snowballs and she sighs.
"Hmmm... you must be new around Hyrule" he said
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